Album 1 - Taste of Chicago, 2004

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Under a leafy tree    Sitting with Scorpy in the sunshine    ChicagoScapers take to the streets    Giving the balloons out    

Skating with Scorpy    Scorpy Loves Chicago    Standing on a street corner

Scorpy makes everyone smile    The gang, all lined up    Headed for home    Wall to wall Scorpy

Adventures With Scorpkin

Aaaah, the memories!  
The ChicagoScapers created the image of  Scorpkin, and the catch-phrase "Defend Your Species" as the centerpiece of their marketing campaign for the Farscape miniseries, The Peacekeeper Wars.  Scorpkin's image was derived from the episode "Terra Firma", where Rygel carved the image of Scorpius on a pumpkin ("Make it scary, you said.")  Ratscape, an artist in San Diego, illustrated the Scorpkin image and gave permission to the ChicagoScapers to use it for their marketing campaign.
 The phrase, "defend you species" was invented by Gargunza, one of the members of the ChicagoScapers.  The image and phrase were combined in a clever design created by Wucius (another ChicagoScaper member) and printed in black ink on yellow balloons, along with the air date and time of the miniseries.  It made for an eyecatching balloon, and each time the ChicagoScapers gave them away, they were quickly snapped up by the public.

The ChicagoScapers first gave them out during the 2004 "Taste of Chicago", a weekend long ethnic food festival held at the Millenium Park in downtown Chicago.  This event was so much fun that the ChicagoScapers decided to do it again at the Chicago Marathon, held at the end of summer.