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Crichton's Notes
Crichton's Notes


Okay, so when I'm published in the International Journal of Intergalactic Science I'll have to edit these sections down a bit, but for now, I've gotta talk about how great it was to be inside Aeryn's body.

No, not like that. Come on, now. Give me some credit. I'm not the type to kiss and tell — not when I think I might get caught, anyway.

See, these aliens attacked us, but Moya used the defense screen we'd recovered from the Zelbinion. Somehow the combination of the energy beam and the defense screen caused a bizarro physical [ AERYN'S BODY & RYGEL'S BODY ] reaction, and — poof ! — next thing I know I'm in Aeryn's body! I mean, like, my consciousness is, or something. And she's in Rygel's froggy form, and — somebody get me the Lysol — Rygel's in mine. Man, was it weird! But ... Aeryn's body ... man, let me tell you: I thought that thing was fun from the outside. I'm not even going to try and describe what breasts feel like, I mean, what having breasts feels like. ... Let it suffice to say, if I got to keep Aeryn's body I might never leave my room again.

Naturally, the alien beam hits us again, and it's bye-bye breasts. This time, when I'm finally aware of my surroundings, I'm pint-sized, floating and green. Now, after spending way too many arns inside my pal Spanky, I've come to the conclusion he's even nastier than I thought. Everything burbles or gurgles or emits noxious odors and the whole experience is a lot like walking around in a sewer — except that I was the sewer. And those itty-bitty arms and itty-bitty legs are practically useless. Does make me feel something like sympathy for the little dude, though — after 600 cycles trapped in that, I'd be a whiny bastard, too.

Ultimately, it was nice to be me again, but ogling Aeryn's never gonna be the same now that I've walked around in there. What a gyp that I got to see how much fun it was, and now it's hands-off. You know, Aeryn and I should really sit down and talk about that....


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