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Crichton's Notes


In a way, Command Carriers are the outer-space equivalent to aircraft carriers on Earth: They're the biggest ships in the Peacekeeper fleet (that I know of); they carry a lot of smaller ships and act as a mobile platform for launching attacks; they have huge crews composed of soldiers, techs and pilots; and they have enough diverse facilities to rival your average city.

There are some differences, of course. For one, Command Carriers can be more than just warships; Scorpius used his as a mobile wormhole-research station. For another, these ships have kids on board. In case that sounds like Captain Picard is in command, let me emphasize that these are kids in body only. Mentally, they're already beng shaped into warriors — stripped of loving parents and trained as soldiers from birth. According to Aeryn, that's not as bad as it sounds. She felt like the whole 50,000-member crew was her family (even when they were punishing her for any sign of weakness). That's her story. Personally, I can't imagine starting bootcamp two seconds after leaving the womb, but maybe that's just me.

One cool aspect of the Carrier we visited was its simulated terrestrial environments. One of these was a park, complete with green grass, blue water — and the ship's metallic ceiling high overhead. I was told these environments are for training, but I think they might be more than that; Peacekeepers may live their whole lives on ships, but that doesn't mean they don't have some kind of deep-down genetic craving for the planet-bound lives of their ancestors. These environments probably help ease any subconscious homesickness.

There's also the Restorative Chamber, a kind of spa/sauna/medical facility where vents pump out various healing mists. If you're in surgery, there's even an anesthetic mist. For all I know, there's a dim corner of this room where secretive hippie PK teens are inhaling while listening to Jerry Garcia. What I liked about it was that the mist interfered with the ship's pervasive surveillance system, allowing me to say words like "sabotage" and "blow up" without being dragged to the Carrier's large and extremely secure brig. The shiny outfits, specially designed to allow the mist to permeate to the skin (while maintaining the decorum and propriety that one so naturally associates with the Peacekeepers), were also pretty cool: Flash Gordon at the health club.

I'm not sure what powers a Command Carrier. I know that they can't travel as fast as a Starbursting Leviathan, but they have some pretty impressive engine rooms and generators all the same. As for defenses, they're heavily shielded and armed with Frag Cannons, plus they're surrounded by a swarm of Prowlers for that extra feeling of protection.

All in all, a tough place for a friendly visit. And a tough target to destroy. But you know me — I love a challenge.



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