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Crichton's Notes
Crichton's Notes


Cryopods, or stasis chambers, are self-regulating, temperature-sensitive storage containers. In other words, really fancy freezers. They're made of Hydro-Honium steel, and they usually have one transparent surface so that the contents are visible — which is a nice feature, in theory.

The idea behind cryogenic freezing is pretty simple; we took a stab at it on Earth as early as the middle of the 20th century. If you can freeze an organism to the temperature of liquid nitrogen without killing it, it'll remain in stasis — i.e., it won't decay — for as long as it's frozen. Theoretically, this can be used to preserve sentient beings. The catch is, the freezing process itself can cause significant (as in lethal) tissue damage. No one on Earth had found a way around that pesky problem, last I heard, but whoever invented these cryopods has.

I'm not certain whether the cryopods prevent the damage caused by freezing, or if they employ a technology that heals the freezing damage during rejuvenation. Either way, as Jool demonstrated, a living being can be stuck in a cryopod, frozen for 22 cycles, and then released with not a hair (or a vocal cord) out of place.

Of course, Jool and her cousins had been put into the pods by Grunchlk, who had essentially kidnapped them for their organs, fluids and tissues. We nearly lost Aeryn to Grunchlk's freezer farm, too. After Aeryn was recovered from the freezing-cold water in which she'd drowned, Grunchlk told us she was dead and put her in a cryopod, to serve as her "coffin."

What Grunchlk didn't tell us was that Aeryn was actually hovering at the edge of death and that he had activated the cryopod, holding her in stasis. That S.O.B. Grunchlk tried to use my Aeryn for spare parts. On the one hand, I could strangle him ... but then I remember that if he hadn't put her in stasis, she might have really died down there, forever. Sometimes the things people do balance out in the end.


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