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Crichton's Notes
Crichton's Notes


Moya's crawling with these little guys. They all seem identical in their composition. They're about 18 inches long, metallic, and have two eye stalks that appear to double as headlights.

So far, their main function seems to be protecting Moya from anything they (or Pilot) deem harmful. Not unlike the human immune system. They contend with [ DRDs ] foreign organisms entering Moya's body and also conduct any repairs to her various other systems. They're fully mechanical, not alive like Moya, so I can only assume they were installed at the same time as Pilot.

When I first came aboard, I made a few guesses about what "DRD" might stand for:

Distantly Roaming Dudes
Doers of Random Deeds
Dinky Rodent-like Decoys
Drunken Runaway Dots
D'Argo Rage Diffusers
That last one seemed right on the money. Pilot is always warning D'Argo about abusing the DRDs. I feel sorry for the little guys, but if D'Argo needs to blow off some steam, better them than me.

When I read my list to Pilot he asked if all humans were as "gifted" with words as me. I wonder if his race developed sarcasm on their own or if they required contact with other planets first.

He eventually informed me that DRD actually stands for "Diagnostic Repair Drones." Talk about boring. Kind of like naming the robot from Lost In Space "Robot." Sometimes truth really isn't stranger than fiction.


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