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Crichton's Notes


Aeryn's craft is called a Prowler. In a pinch it can seat two (uncomfortably, although we squeezed in three my first day here). It's kinda like an F-14, emphasis on "kinda." It's about the same size as my Farscape Module, but the similarities end right there.

I noticed a dren-load of these Prowlers whizzing around when I first emerged from the wormhole. Obviously, Prowlers are common in the Peacekeeper fleet. [ AERYN'S PROWLER ] They're certainly consistent with all the other standard-issue PK devices I've ever seen: black, precise, and deadly.

Prowlers are faster and more agile than either the Transport Pods or Farscape One (even with her new biomechanoid modifications). When speed is a factor, the Prowler has no match aboard Moya. Until we brought D'Argo's purple supership aboard, Aeryn's ship was the only large-scale weapon at our disposal. Moya has no offensive systems of her own — a fact that I think is great ... in principle. I really do. Peace, love and universal harmony for all. But being weaponless makes things kinda tough when you're hunted by a race of people whose family values make Rambo look like the Easter Bunny.

That being said, I have to admit I've grown kind of fond of one PK, our Miss Sun. But you've got to wonder if, down deep, we're really compatible. Think about it — Aeryn's Prowler is a jet-black, mass-produced battle fighter. Farscape One is a defenseless scientific prototype that has a history of crashing into things like planets — and Prowlers.

The worst thing about Aeryn's Prowler is, she never lets me fly it! The last time we flew out together in her Prowler, we got into an argument. Can two intergalactic refugees share a small spacecraft without driving each other crazy?




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