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Crichton's Notes


Though the Transport Pods are made of the same biomechanoid stuff as Moya, Pilot assures me they're not sentient like the Leviathan. While they may be technically "alive," the Pods have no intelligence of their own and require manual control in order to perform any of their normal flight functions.

Moya grows multiple Transport Pods, all of which have direct access to her Transport Hangars. Pilot's control over each Pod is limited to monitoring onboard systems and communicating with passengers. [ TRANSPORT POD ] Everything else depends on the flight crew.

Aeryn took it upon herself to teach me the subtleties of space flight in one of these babies. It was just me and Officer Sun out for a nice, leisurely jaunt through the Uncharted Territories. Easy as pie, right? Let's just say it wasn't exactly Driving Miss Daisy.

The Pods actually require regular contact with Moya in order to remain active. Otherwise they enter a state I like to think of as the "Biomechanoid Blues."

We can't get lazy and allow the Transport Pods to degenerate, though. They're essential to us. Without them we'd be limited to Farscape One and Aeryn's Prowler as our only means of leaving Moya. Considering that our enemies have sent out more than a few (dozen) Galactic APBs on both mine and Aeryn's ships, the Transport Pods are our only way to reach most planets' surfaces without drawing attention (or Pulse Rifle fire).

Back on Earth, "blending in" meant wearing a baseball cap and some faded jeans; now it means flying a biomechanoid shuttlecraft out of a Leviathan's innards. And dad was worried I'd have a hard time adjusting when I went to college.



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